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5 Peaceful Paint Colors

By KearnsTeam via RISMedia - June 03, 2020
Image courtesy of RISMedia If you plan to repaint your interiors this year, don’t forget to pick a hue that will positively impact your mood. While bright red or neon green may be fun, they can subconsciously create stress in the body. Below are five peaceful paint colors to up the “ahhh” factor of your favorite spaces. Violet A dusty purple can promote balance and inner peac

The Ins and Outs of Business Credit Cards

By KearnsTeam via RISMedia - May 29, 2020
Photo provided by RISMedia A business credit card can be a big help to business owners. But if not used properly, they can cause credit scores to drop, affecting personal credit. There are a number of ways cardholders can negatively impact their credit score. The biggest culprit? Carrying too much debt on their business card which raises their debt-to-credit ratio. To calculate this ratio, div

Make the Most of a Small Bathroom

By KearnsTeam at RISMedia - May 27, 2020
Photo provided by RISMedia Unless you’re living in a custom designed home, you probably wish your bathroom—or your guest bath—was bigger. Short of pushing out the walls or totally remodeling, home editors at offer eight good tips for making the most of your bathroom space: Pick the right colors. Save the bright hues for accessories if you like, but paint t

Minimizing Clutter by Maximizing Storage

By Kearnsteam via RISMedia - May 25, 2020
Photo courtesy of RISMedia Looking for space to store your things at home? Everything you own is competing for space in your house. Everyday items, such as clothes and exercise equipment, along with seasonal things like pool toys and Christmas decorations, are taking over your limited square footage. You can create more space by moving some things around, but that doesn’t always solve t

5 Reminders to Keep In Your Wallet

By KearnsTeam via RISmedia - May 22, 2020
Photo provided by RISMedia Your purse or wallet can be more than just a place to pull your money out of so you can spend it. It can also store a few things to remind you to use less money, or at least use it well. Here are five things to keep in your wallet that can help you use your money well: Cash If you follow the rule of only spending the amount of cash you have on you, then you’ll

5 Reasons to Paint Your Walls Gray

By KearnsTeam via RISMedia - May 20, 2020
Image courtesy of RISMedia When it comes to painting your space, there are myriad options: bright and sunny yellow, the classic eggshell white, a soothing blue or a fresh green. But one color you shouldn’t overlook when painting is gray. Below are five reasons why. It matches. Gray is a fluid, flexible color that pairs well with a large variety of accents. This means you can swap out you

Social Media Groups You Can Join to Build Connections

By KearnsTeam via RISMedia - May 18, 2020
Image provided by RISMedia If you’re stuck at home for an extended amount of time because of COVID-19, you might be craving some personal connections. While you can reach out to friends or family through phone, text or video chat, you also have the opportunity to join groups via social networks and form new friendships. Here’s a few you can consider: What do you like to do? If you&

What Identity Thieves Want from Your Facebook Profile

By KearnsTeam via RISMedia - May 15, 2020
Image courtesy of RISMedia Social media is just that—social. And a big part of it is sharing photos when you’re out celebrating something, such as your birthday. However, these two things—photos of yourself and your date of birth—can be all someone needs to steal your identity and start opening bank accounts, credit cards and other things in your name. Frank Abagnale,

Maintaining the Beauty of Your Natural Stone Fireplace

By KearnsTeam via RISMedia - May 13, 2020
Photo courtesy of RISMedia In your home or in your vacation cabin, a handsome stone hearth is often the gathering place for comfy family evenings. But accumulations of dirt, soot and ash can make your fireplace less efficient and ruin the lovely patina of natural stone. You can help maintain its beauty and safety with this once-yearly facelift routine: Clean the firebox. At least 12 ho

Hanging on to Your Sanity While Working From Home

By KearnsTeam via RISMedia - May 11, 2020
Photo provided by RISMedia At first, it may have seemed like a dream come true; sleep a little later…skip the commute…work in your pajamas if you feel like it.  But working from home can quickly outstay it’s welcome. You miss the routine – the coffee breaks and kibitzing, the face-to-face meetings, all those busy, ringing phones – and given the uncertaint

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